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With millions of people currently out of school and work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the perfect time to learn new skills or improve your existing skills! A virtual internship is one of the most helpful things you can do for your career. Beginning your incredible journey to your dream job starts now! Do you want to take part in the opportunity of expanding a business that will make a positive and significant impact on millions of people? Do you want to unleash your hidden talents and work with a unique and diverse team of go-getters like yourself with leadership that leads by example?

LOOK NO FURTHER! Super Purposes is the place for you!!! If you are searching for a position with an up-and-coming company that will expose you to more opportunities than you can imagine while working in a relaxed, virtual environment, then you have successfully found the internship of your dreams.

Current Open Positions


This is a virtual/remote opportunity which means you don’t have to deal with traffic or sit in a stuffy office! You can work in a comfortable environment that provides a reliable and secure internet connection so that you can attend meetings and video conferences.


 Immediately! Our internships are 200 hours. Each intern is required to work 10 hours a week. If you work the minimum hours (10 hours per week), it will take you 20 weeks to complete your internship.


This is an unpaid virtual internship, but the experience and connections you will get for your professional portfolio/LinkedIn profile are priceless!

You Will Benefit By:

• Attaining high-level skills and experience that help you increase your earning potential, reach your career goals and find more rewarding jobs.

• Receiving mentoring on your LinkedIn Profile (and thus, your resume), interviewing skills, and professional goals, and how to manage your career. 

• Building your professional portfolio. 

• Participating in collaboration sessions with our hilarious,  creative Teammates and team leadership. 

• Being exposed to the behind-the-scenes of a one-of-a-kind start-up company.

• Gaining access to various training materials on sales, marketing, program management, and other topics, worth thousands of dollars.

• Receiving a top-notch letter of recommendation and referrals from our Employment Verification team upon completing your 200-hour internship. We will also gladly help you arrange for academic credit if needed.