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Thank you for joining our exclusive COVID-19 Online Course. Rest assured, you are not alone! We are super excited to help jump-start your career and supply you with the power to control your professional future!

Your 12-Day Roadmap

Here is a summary of each day and what we will teach you:

Days 01-04 : Laying the Groundwork

Day 01: Build Your LinkedIn Profile Focused on REMOTE
Creating an all-star profile focusing on the hottest remote skill in demand.

Day 02: Be the Popular Kid on LinkedIn Focused on REMOTE.
Networking to build meaningful professional relationships and projecting remote skills.

Day 03: Attracting Recruiters like REMOTE Bees to Honey
Increasing visibility and profile views by listing skills and obtaining recommendations.

Day 04: What You Believe in is Where You Should Work REMOTELY
Reflecting upon and finding alignment between personal and professional values.

Days 05-08 : Building Relationships

Day 05: Target Where You Want to Work REMOTELY
Ranking target companies according to personal values’ alignment with target company values.

Day 06: Developing Your Fandom REMOTELY.
Connecting with key decision makers in targeted companies and building meaningful professional relationships.

Day 07: Setting Up the First Meeting REMOTELY
Meeting with connections in targeted companies to obtain information critical to land dream job.

Day 08: Ace Your Interviews REMOTELY
Preparing and acing interviews remotely.

Days 09-12 : Making the Job Offer Work for You

Day 09: Stand Out with Your After Interviewing Skills
Charming decision makers with appropriate after interview follow-up skills.

Day 10: Becoming an Expert Negotiator and Managing Multiple Offer Letters
Negotiation secrets to maximize benefits package and skills to manage multiple offers in a professional manner.

Day 11: Two Weeks’ Notice and Plan for Excellence
Making a graceful exit, maintaining cordial relations with former employers and setting yourself up for future success.

Day 12: Success Plan
Final review of new found knowledge. Must-have skills and plan to thrive and succeed at dream job.

Your First Steps Each Day

  1. Learn a new aspect of our online course.
    1. Important that you keep up with each day's materials, video episodes, and actions. Each day's topic will build upon what you learned the prior day . These are the building blocks that will help you get the job that you deserve!
  2. Join and engage with our Private LinkedIn Membership Community, "How to Get a Remote Job in 12 Days!"
    1. Our Private LinkedIn Membership Community will help you through the process because they are going through the same experience as you. Here you will have opportunities to ask questions, engage with others and find the support you need while you’re working toward manifesting your dream career.